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Petane Late Harvest Gewürztraminer 2021 - SOLD OUT

Petane Late Harvest Gewürztraminer 2021 - SOLD OUT

The Drinking

This luscious late harvest wine is an attractive balance of sugar and acidity; with flavours concentrated and intensified by the glorious Hawke's Bay sun and warm air flow. With some beautiful Botrytis imparting flavour and shrivel to a good 40% of the Gewürztraminer berries, the nose is a mix of lychees, figs and golden syrup with peaches and gingerbread dominating the palate.

Yvonne Lorkin Review★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The Growing

2021 had the similar heat and growing degree days as 2020, however throw in three very well timed and much needed rain events and the vines were well set for the late summer dry conditions that prevailed up until harvest time. It is always an adventure growing a late pick wine, and this one was no different; fighting back the birds, eager to devour the intensely sweet berries, and waiting with bated breath for the grapes to reach optimal brix whilst willing away the rain. In this case the rewards trumped the risks and the result was cause for much celebration.

The Making

An experienced team of four pickers gathered in the grapes, selectively picking the best and most shrivelled grapes, keeping out anything that was bird damaged or had any hint of sour rot. The grapes were de-stemmed and a slow 8 hour press cycle was employed to get every last drop of this delicate nectar. Fermentation took two weeks before reaching the desirable taste and balance.

Technical Notes

PICKING DATE: 11th May 2021
BRIX: 28.1
pH: 3.93
BOTTLING DATE: 7th October 2021