Our Philosophy

At Petane Station we produce boutique wines that are both premium in quality and unique from vintage to vintage. With a combination of the optimal site and environment, careful rootstock and clone selection and thoughtful vineyard management practices, we work with nature to achieve well balanced, interesting wine that reflects the site and the vintage.

Practises we observe include shoot thinning and leaf plucking which opens up the canopy to the sun and air, facilitating photosynthesis and the preservation of subtle fruit flavours and acidity. Thinning of excess bunches and removal of second set grapes in the canopy leads to more intense flavours. Our vineyard is dry farmed; this means no irrigation is used, allowing for natural and complete phenological ripeness of the berries. We selectively hand-pick the grape bunches so only the fully-ripe, premium quality fruit is harvested. The gentle handling of this process allows our grapes to arrive at the winery intact and in the best possible condition for whole bunch pressing.

We are a certified Sustainable Wine New Zealand (SWNZ) vineyard and strive to work in harmony with the environment. To minimise the need to weed spray, sheep are grazed on the vineyard during the winter months to keep the grass down. Compost is applied to the soil and organic seaweed foliar sprays are used to enhance the vines nutrient uptake. Native birds such as tui, bellbird, kārearea and kererū are attracted to the property by the planting of native trees. Tui are nectar foragers and fiercely territorial and are often seen chasing pest birds off the property. The native wasp, bumble bee, honey bee and other beneficial insects are encouraged by inter-row planting of phacelia, buck wheat and lupins. This adds to the plant diversity and soil health and helps to control pest insects.